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Regina doesn’t appreciate people touching her stuff



Regina talking to her sis in ep 3x18 I love that she used the word "superpower" because it was Emma who started the whole thing about having a superpower.




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#I really like this gifset top left is Regina kind of in shock #because not only did Emma kickstart her magic but she also saved her by pushing her out of the way and in the process risked her own well-being for Regina #you can bet your ass no one’s done that for her in like forever #top right she’s definitely thinking she lost her shot at redemption in Henry’s eyes #but I’m pretty sure there’s more than that because you can bet Regina has been replaying that magic hat scene and questionning the whole magic thing and saving thing #and overthinking it and obsessing about it and Emma’s motivesbottom left is probably something along the lines of Emma you idiot now is not the time for a swim #and also how dare you leave me with your parents and that smarmy pirate #but bottom right is definitely my favourite #it’s like no no no I was right about you you have strong magic #don’t do this to me don’t fail megdi I did not accidentally let you die #what will I tell Henry and oh God the Charmings (via phoenix-91)






there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

The difference is citations.


23rd April 1985

"Or, you used to."

Emma Thompson about filming The Love Punch in France (x)

I’m trying to figure out Hook’s purpose in this episode



Cause other than eye candy, I got nothing.

He didn’t do anything useful. He contributed nothing to what they were trying to do.

So why the hell was he there???? I don’t want to be one to accuse the writers of fan service but — other than fan service I got nothing. His presence was pointless in this episode and he wouldn’t have been missed if he wasn’t there.

And Emma hanging with him at Granny’s is just so OOC for her.

He has become so redundant it’s not even funny anymore. What does this guy do but drink, creep and brood.



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Let me tell you about the sheer brilliance that is Meryl Streep and her creation of Miranda Priestly.

Ask any young woman what her favourite film of Meryl’s would be, and I’m quite certain that The Devil Wears Prada would come up in conversation, favourite or not. And it may seem like a generic answer: oh, a film about fashion, so obviously women would identify with it. No, that’s not it. This film isn’t about fashion. This film, as Meryl says, “is a story about a woman at the head of a corporate ladder who’s misunderstood, who’s motives and pressures on her are intense and who doesn’t have time to play certain nice games.”

And though screentime and first bill casting can indicate that Andrea Sachs is the main character, who are you really left thinking about at the end of the film?

Miranda Priestly — the woman who was written as a fictional equivalent to Anna Wintour from the novelist Lauren Weisberger’s experience as her assistant — in the novel was a raging, two-dimensional boss from Hell written only to antagonize and complicate the lives of her employees with impossible standards and even more impossible demands. She was expected to resemble Vogue’s editor-in-chief (Miranda’s office in the film a near replica of Anna’s), so imagine everyone’s fucking surprise the first day Meryl showed up on set wearing an untested wig white as snow, with a voice that never raised, where the most deadly delivery was a whisper.

But this scene on the right, this scene that hadn’t existed until Meryl went and thought, “wait a minute, there’s an imbalance of character here…” so she brought it to light and this was written. Sparingly, as it was said, yet one of the very few scenes to be altered in the entire film. This is how it went: Meryl showed up to the scene without any make-up. She walked in, didn’t talk to anybody, sat down and did it, got up and left, went downstairs and waited. She did this scene once.



And the thing is, this wasn’t meant for you to suddenly cheer for Miranda; it was to show you that she was human and that her success came with a costly price that hurt her the most. She thawed the Snow Queen, extinguished the flames of the fiery boss from Hell and gave her what she never had on paper: substance.

If completely reinventing a character from a subpar novel by giving her actual character and successfully distinguishing her from the woman she was based on isn’t considered pure talent, then I don’t know what is.


Q: Who does your boyfriend think is hotter? The Mayor or The Queen?

Lana: Me…Me!